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The materials used for sign bases, lettering, and accent pieces will be birch plywood, if stained, or

if painted, can be either MDF or birch plywood.

Wood, like all natural materials, has inherent disparities in color and grain pattern.

Because of variations caused by nature, over which we have no control, stain/paint

colors may vary from those portrayed on the website. 


Painted wood, especially pine, can have what is known as Bleed Through, a discoloration in the paint surface.  It is the tannins and resins in the wood trying to escape, typically at knots.

Because plywood is used sometimes, there may be voids visible on the edges of products. 

All pieces are lightly sanded and may have some raised grain on their corners and/or edges.

Brad nails may be used to hold parts as the glue dries and tiny holes may be visible in the face of some parts.

Due to the smaller/narrower nature of some of the parts/letters, glue squeeze out

maybe seen around edges of parts. 

Round Sign Sizing

Dimensions on the round signs can be up to 1" smaller than labeled.

For example, a 24" diameter sign can range from 23-24" in diameter

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