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  • How long until I receive my order?
    It takes approximately 2-3 weeks from the date you ordered.
  • What is the weight of a sign?
    As each sign is custom, the weight varies. On average, the round signs are as follows: 24" = 6 lbs. 16" = 3 lbs. 8" = 1 is lb.
  • What material is used for the signs?
    The materials used for sign bases, lettering, and accent pieces will be birch plywood, if stained, or if painted, can be either MDF or birch plywood. All pieces are lightly sanded and hand painted/stained Exceptions to this will be indicated in the product description when ordering
  • How are the signs hung?
    Signs have either what is called a keyhole slot milled into the backside or a sawtooth hanger attached to the back. These are used to hang on a fastener (nail, screw, etc.) you have inserted into your wall.
  • What can be included on the sign?
    Almost anything. For the Family EST. signs, you can have a name up to 25 letters long. We can add any text, graphic, logo, date, saying, quote you desire. With that said, there is a limitation to how small the text and accent pieces can become before they become to fragile to produce. We like to keep letters 1” or more in height. See something close to what you like but want some changes or additions or just want something new and different? Send us an email and we would love to customize a product for you.
  • Can the signs be displayed outside? All paints and stains are capable of being outside, but plywood by nature is not an outdoor product. You can display your sign if it is sheltered from rain and snow, such as under a covered porch. Continued exposure to moiture will make the plywood warp and delaminate.
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